Language and Gender

LING 415/ANTH 413

How does language affect the way we think about gender and sexuality? And how do we use language to express our gendered identities within the context of our culture and society? In this course, we investigate gender stereotypes, the construction of social personae through language use, and society's expectations regarding language use. We will explore the link between language and gender through conducting projects. For this coming Fall, the projects will be especially focused on online interactions and portrayal of gender in film, though other possibilities are also an option. No previous knowledge of linguistics is required.

This course will provide students with a background in previous work investigating the relationship between language and gender. For the final project, students will conduct a study which investigates this relationship and which contributes to ongoing debates within the discipline.

The projects for LING 415 in FA20 will involve analyzing language data from social media and examining depictions of gender through language use in film.

There is no required textbook for this course.

What students have said about this course

  • "very interesting & made me think about the world in a whole new way"
  • "Keep up with the reading, don't be afraid to speak up in class - this instructor makes it a safe environment."
  • "It was wonderful." :)