Current PhD Students (chair/advisor)

Past PhD Students (chair)

Current and Past PhD Students (committee member)

Current and Past MA Students

    • Michelle Kamigaki Baron, May 2020
    • Laura Berbusse Chynoweth, December 2010 (now the CEO at Granted Fundraising Consultants)
    • Bethany Kaleialohapau‘ole Chun Comstock, December 2015
    • Susanne DeVore (reader) Humor in Mandarin and English, Unpublished scholarly paper in the East Asian Languages and Literature Department, May 2014 (now a PhD student in SLS at UH)
    • Aaron Hamer (co-advisor with Kamil Deen), August 2016
    • Noella Handley, May 2019
    • M. Joelle Kirtley (chair), Speech in the U.S. Military: A Sociophonetic Perception Approach to Identity and Meaning, March 2011
    • Dylan McCurdy, MA student in Anthropology (committee member, in progress)
    • Anne Rivera, MA student in Communicology (committee member, in progress)
    • Rachel Schutz, December 2012 (now an Assistant Professor of Voice at Ithaca College)
    • Jessica Seid, May 2012