A discussion group for sociolinguists at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

  • We are a group of graduate students and faculty at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa who are interested in Sociolinguistics. Using a wide variety of methods, we work together on projects which investigate the relationship between language and society and the use of language in society.
  • We meet every other week. If you are interested in joining us, email Katie at

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Upcoming and recent presentations and publications

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      • Drager, Katie (2016) Constructing style: phonetic variation in discursive functions of like. In Heike Pichler (Ed.) Discourse-Pragmatic Variation and Change in English: New Methods and Insights, Cambridge University Press, 232-251.
      • Drager, Katie, Bethany Kaleialohapau‘ole Chun Comstock, and Hina Puamohala Kneubuhl (2016) Ka puana pa‘a ‘ole: glottal stop variation in Hawaiian. Presented at the organized session "Documenting Variation in Endangered Languages" at the LSA Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. in January.
      • Drager, Katie, James Grama, Ramil Lorenzo Gonzalez, and Cassidy Copeland (2016) VOT and closure duration of word-initial voiceless plosives in Pidgin conversation. Paper presented at the Joint Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and the Acoustical Society of Japan in Honolulu in November/December.
      • Drager, Katie and M. Joelle Kirtley (2016) Awareness, salience, and stereotypes in exemplar-based models of speech production and perception. In Anna Babel (Ed.) Awareness and Control in Sociolinguistic Research, Cambridge University Press, 1-24.
      • Drager, Katie, Rachel Schutz, Claire Stabile, and Bethany Kaleialohapau‘ole Chun Comstock. (2016) They say, 'he talk like one haole': variation and change among quotative verbs in Hawai‘i. Presented at the LSA Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. in January.
      • Kim, Jonny (2016). Perceptual associations between words and speaker age. Laboratory Phonology: Journal of the Association for Laboratory Phonology 7(1), 18. DOI:
      • Kim, Jonny (2016). Lexical access and stereotypical 'word age' in Korean. Poster presented at The 15th Conference on Laboratory Phonology. Ithaca, NY. July 2016.
      • Kirtley, M. Joelle, James Grama, Katie Drager, and Sean Simpson (2016) An acoustic analysis of the vowels of Hawai‘i English. Journal of the International Phonetic Association. 46(1): 79-97. doi:10.1017/S0025100315000456.


    • Drager, Katie (2015) Linguistic Variation, Identity Construction and Cognition. Berlin: Language Science Press.
    • Drager, Katie (2015) Probabilistic and stylistic factors influencing phonetic reduction. Keynote speaker at the New Zealand Society of Linguistics Conference. University of Otago, Dunedin, December 2015.
    • Grama, James. Real time phonological change in Hawaii Creole: A trend study of the short front vowels. Paper to be presented at 2015 Linguistics Society of America Annual Meeting. Portland, OR, January 2015.
    • Grama, James. "Variationist contributions to the study of creole communities: Sociophonetic analysis of real-time change in Hawaii Creole vowels." Paper to be presented at 2015 Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics. Portland, OR, January 2015.
    • Kennedy, Robert, James Grama & Heather Llewellyn. "On the nucleus-offglide trajectory of the mid-back rounded vowel in California English." Paper to be presented at 2015 American Dialect Society. Portland, OR, January 2015.


    • Awai, Clinton, Holly Britton, Meagan Dailey, Katie Drager, Jonny Kim, M. Joelle Kirtley, Catherine Lee, and Claire Stabile (2014) Factors Influencing the Pronunciation of Hawaiian Place Names. Presented at NWAV-AP 3, Wellington, New Zealand.
    • Drager, Katie (2014) Perception and Language Attitudes. Pre-NWAV 43 Workshop, Chicago, IL.
    • Drager, Katie. (2014) Salience, Attention, and the Perception of Sociophonetic Variables. Keynote address at Bias in Perception, Aarhus, Denmark.
    • Drager, Katie and Malcah Yaegor-Dror. (2014) Organized panel on From Stance-Taking to Experiments: Language Use and the Awareness of Attitudes. 14th International Conference on Language and Social Psychology. Honolulu, HI, June 2014.
    • Drager, Katie and James Grama (2014) "De tawk dakain ova dea": Mapping language ideologies on O‘ahu. Dialectologia 12: 23-51.
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    • Lee, Nala (2014) A Grammar of Baba Malay with Sociophonetic Considerations. PhD dissertation, UH Mānoa, chair: Lyle Campbell.
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    • Simpson, Sean (2014) Phonetic cues to Localness in Hawai'i English: Feature clusters influencing perception. Presented at NWAV 43, Chicago, IL.
    • Simpson, Sean, Katie Drager, James Grama, and M. Joelle Kirtley (2014) Sound change in the back vowels of Hawai'i English. Presented at NWAV 43, Chicago, IL.


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    • Grama, James (2013) The effect of a single formant on dialect identification. Working Papers in Linguistics: University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, 44(3)1-13.

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