Due to copyright, I cannot post copies of all of my work. However, I would be happy to email a copy to anyone who does not have access otherwise.


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            compared with published version)

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Conference Presentations and Posters (selected, with no duplications from papers in print)

           Drager, Katie, James Grama, Ramil Lorenzo Gonzalez, and Cassidy Copeland (2016) VOT and closure duration of word-initial voiceless plosives in 
           Pidgin conversation. Paper presented at the Joint Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and the Acoustical Society of Japan in Honolulu in 

            Drager, Katie, Rachel Schutz, Claire Stabile, and Bethany Kaleialohapau‘ole Chun Comstock. (2016) They say, 'he talk like one haole': variation and 
            change among quotative verbs in Hawai‘i. Presented at the LSA Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. in January.

            Simpson, Sean, Katie Drager, James Grama, and M. Joelle Kirtley (2014) Sound change in the back vowels of Hawai‘i English. Presented at New Ways 
            of Analyzing Variation 43. Chicago, October 2014.

            Schnoebelen, Tyler and Katie Drager (2014) The perception of social types: Using LDA to analyze open-response answers. Presented at the International 
            Conference on Language and Social Psychology 14. Honolulu, June 2014.

            Drager, Katie and Erik Thomas (2014) Regional variation in the cognition of a vowel merger. Presented at the American Dialect Society Annual Meeting, 
            Minneapolis, January 2014.

            Drager, Katie, Rachel Schutz, Ivan Chik, Kate Hardeman and Victor Jih (2012) When hearing is believing: Perceptions of speaker style, gender, ethnicity, 
            and pitch. Paper presented at the LSA Annual Meeting. Portland, January 2012.

            Drager, Katie and Jennifer Hay (2010) A novice's guide to understanding mixed effects models. Paper presented as part of the workshop on Using 
            Statistical Tools to Explain Linguistic Variation at NWAV 39, San Antonio.

            Drager, Katie and Jennifer Hay. (2010) Visual subliminal primes affect vowel perception. Poster presented at the 12th Conference on Laboratory 
            Phonology. Albuquerque, July 2010.

            Kaiser, Eden and Katie Drager. (2009) A sociophonetic investigation of nasalization, vowel perception, and speaker characteristics. Poster presented at  
            The International Nasal Workshop. Montpellier, June 2009.      

            Drager, Katie and Abby Walker (2009) Phonetic variation in polysemous words. Paper presented at The LSA Annual Meeting, San Francisco, January 

            Drager, Katie, Penelope Eckert and Kyuwon Moon (2008) Style and prosodic variation. Paper presented at NWAV 37, Houston, November 2008.

Invited Talks (selected)

2015    Probabilistic and stylistic factors influencing phonetic reduction. Keynote speaker at the New Zealand Society of Linguistics Conference. University of 
            Otago, Dunedin, December 2015.

2014    Salience, Attention, and the Perception of Sociophonetic Variables. Keynote speaker at Bias in Perception, Aarhus, September 2014.

2012    Variation and Change in Hawai‘i English. Keynote speaker at the Symposium about Language and Society - Austin (SALSA) XX: Languages and 
            Societies in Contact, Austin, April 2012.

2011    Conducting Speech Perception Experiments. Paper presented at Yaegor-Dror, M. and M. DiPaolo Sociophonetics Workshop at the LSA Summer 
            Institute, Boulder, CO, July 2011.

2011    Co-Constructing Identity: evidence from ethnographic and experimental research on language. Paper presented at the Centre for General Linguistics 
            (ZAS), Berlin, June 2011.

2011    Style, Stereotypes, and Sound Change. Keynote speaker at the 15th Annual Student Conference of the College of Languages, Linguistics, and Literature, 
            University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, April 2011.
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