Current PhD Students (chair/advisor)

Past PhD Students (chair)

Current and Past PhD Students (committee member)

Current and Past MA Students

    Laura Berbusse (advisor), December 2010 

    Bethany Kaleialohapau‘ole Chun Comstock (advisor), December 2015 

    Susanne DeVore (reader) Humor in Mandarin and English, Unpublished scholarly paper in the East Asian Languages and Literature Department, May 2014 (now a PhD student in SLS at UH)

    Aaron Hamer (co-advisor with Kamil Deen), August 2016 (now at Amazon)

    Noella Handley (advisor), in-progress

    M. Joelle Kirtley (chair), Speech in the U.S. Military: A Sociophonetic Perception Approach to Identity and Meaning, March 2011 (now at Chrysalis)

    Rachel Schutz (advisor), December 2012 

    Jessica Seid (advisor), May 2012

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